MIIEGO is not a big electronic company, who consider sport headphones just a side business. We Love Sports and We Live Sports. It is our main focus. The way we design our products, our brand, and our company is based on that passion.


WORKING OUT. The feeling of wind in my hair, sweat on my skin and fresh air in my lungs…

Nothing like my favorite song can motivate me and change my mood in a heartbeat and make me feel happy, inspired and ready for action and to start moving.

With MIIEGO®, my favorite tunes moves with me and follow me wherever I go. No wires to distract me, and I always feel comfortable. Nothing gets in my way, I am free to solely focus on moving my body after I press play.

MIIEGO® gives me a hassle-free workout that lets me forget about everything else.

MIIEGO. No Wires. No Worries.



MIIEGO® is a multiple award-winning Danish brand that specializes in Wireless Sport Headphones.

The company was founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2010, and is one of few expert players in the market focused on developing high-quality wireless headphones solely for sports.

MIIEGOs products are designed and developed in cooperation with a wide number of professional athletes, and the products are built to last and to survive the harsh, challenging Scandinavian climate.

With MIIEGO® Wireless Bluetooth Headphones designed for sport you will find just the right fit for YOU and your ears. Giving you the ULTIMATE FREEDOM to perform at your best.

Today MIIEGO® products are being used by both the amateur jogger as well as professional athletes all over the world, distributed and sold in sport and running shops worldwide.

MIIEGO® is a registered Danish trademark 100% committed to sport – owned by MIIEGO ApS.



Contact us for nearest retailer on sales@ballbrands.com.au



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